Jaron Smalls

Artwork by Jephon Scott

Somewhere far beyond our doubts and insecurities lies our purpose and our destiny.

Seemingly, they move parallel to each other at the same pace in different spaces.

However, until struck by confidence gained from loving yourself for who you really are, these entities will never become one.

May what we have started here forever live on, until we meet again.

Jaron Smalls presents 4 Summers, a journey of the independent creative‘s growth as one of the Underground Kings of the Queen City of Charlotte, NC.

Going into his 4th consecutive summer into the music game, Jaron pays homage to his upbringing with his family in Bowie, Maryland, and his fellow creatives that assist in his progression as an artist.

This project release would not be possible without the artwork by Jephon Scott; production from Keda Harris, TooCozyy, Kulture, Jonathan Smalls, and CMO FLEXXIN; the co-production and features from Manté and Carmyn; and the direction of Javon Arlee and the Jack of all Trades Management team.