I am blessed to have reached my 3rd distributed project as an Independent Artist in Charlotte, NC by way of United Masters!

“4 Gotham” will serve as the last project released under my own power as my team and I seek to further our brand.

This release symbolizes a culmination of my journey as a black creative and entrepreneur in the Carolinas since 2009 to highlight the amount of underrated/undiscovered talent there to offer.

My family set the foundation for me musically. To pay homage to them, I always incorporate my siblings into my work so that my origins in music are evident.

My older brothers, Jonathan Smalls and David Smalls provided electrical lead and bass guitar instrumentation to this project on the seventh track entitled, “Young & the Reckless,” as I produced the beat for the track.

“4 Gotham” was the first project where I relied solely on collaborations with outside producers to help grow as an engineer but most importantly to give some amazing individuals a platform to receive the credits they are so deserving of.

Keda “Hitmaker” Harris, Kulture, and CMO FLEXXIN’ crafted professionally produced pieces that perfectly fit the picture I wished to convey.

Keda is credited with producing “The Cycle,” “Throwback,” “Qt Remix,” and “4 The Biddies.”

Kulture is credited with producing “Tryna Be” and “Something Else.”

CMO FLEXXIN is credited with producing “Ron Dolla $ign.”

“4 Gotham” serves as a collaborative effort to aspire new generations of creatives that understand the importance of authenticity and preparation for future endeavors!